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THE HON JOHN ANDERSON AO FTSE, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

"This book is, quite simply, a valuable read for believers, non-believers, and everyone in between. Drew Cordell plainly has a powerful mind, deep research capability, and a careful ear for the questions that people ask and need answers to. I have found it to be very informative and easy to read, and I sincerely commend it. Our world has been shaped by religious ideas, both good and bad. As an attempt to make sense of it all, there is much of real value in these pages."


REV DR IAN ROBINSON – Former Alan Walker Lecturer in Leadership, Evangelism, Apologetics and Mission, United Theological College. Oxford University: MA Theology


"Drew has packed this one book with more wisdom and grace than most apologists have done."


RHETT - Agnostic


"Whilst this book hasn’t altered my worldview, I did find it helpful to better understand the origins of the Christian faith and the available evidence that enables some to believe in the Christian message." 


JOHN PETERS – Rector of St Mary’s Bryanston Square London. Oxford University: Bachelor of Theology and Law

"Drew's approach is honest and undefensive and this should help people with real questions who want to know what the true foundations are."

JENNY DAWKINS – Formerly Associate Vicar of All Saints Peckham. University of Cambridge: Bachelor of Theology. Kings College London: MA Biblical Studies

"Drew writes personably and honestly, recognizing areas of mystery, misunderstanding, and disagreement, and engaging readers with his own thoughtfully held convictions."

DR J. BRIAN HUFFLING – Director of the Ph.D. Program and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology – Southern Evangelical Seminary

"As a popular-level book, the average reader will be able to understand the content and be challenged to consider the truth of Christianity." 

RUTH JACKSON – Producer and Presenter for the Unbelievable? Apologetics podcast. Oxford University: MA Theology

"Drew Cordell has undertaken rigorous research on numerous topics, and he presents it in an accessible way. He helps distinguish fact from fiction, enabling readers to make informed decisions about issues that really matter."

DR DARRELL DOOYEMA – Colorado Christian University

"The section on the development of the canon of Scripture is alone worth the price, explaining the historical process in detail, and allowing questions of legitimacy to be seriously considered."

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